Andy Beauchamp was born in Freeport, Bahamas. At the age of 3, his mother was deported from the Bahamas to Haiti; her native country. Growing up in Haiti wasn’t bad for him as a child, he never worried about life's hardships because he was surrounded by love and family. He was the youngest of 15 children. He started drawing small characters in his school notebooks while everyone else focused on their alphabets and numbers. 

By age 10, he was living in Port-de-Paix to attend a better school. Living here caused his passion for art to blossom, because he was exposed to beautiful wall art on the lottery cabins and barbershops scattered all over the city.


By the age of 14 he became an orphan. Andy experienced the sudden death of both of his parents and that turned his life completely  upside-down. He was sent to live with a distant cousin in the Bahamas where he was forced to work in orange fields picking oranges while getting pricked by thorns and bitten by bugs. He was teased by other children, hurt by my circumstances and mourning the tragic loss of his parents. Fortunately, within a year, his sister secured a VISA for him to enter the United States.

This opportunity afforded him the ability to attend High School and further pursue painting/art classes. His height also came to his advantage because he was granted a full scholarship to play basketball at the collegiate level for the University of West Florida. There he was nicknamed "paint-brush" because he was always painting or drawing something. Unfortunately, during his senior year of college, all basketball dreams came to a halt when he tore his ACL. This painful blow to his enthusiasm and strength forced him to pour all of his attention, disappointments and hopes back into painting. By channeling his focus fully into art Andy was able to remember all the joy this art form provides the artist and the viewer. He hopes that his passion helps to uplift others and his story can elicit deep thought on the beauty of persevering.


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