My graphite pencil drawings are called ‘Moments in Time’. For 58 years I’ve drawn from life’s experiences of innocence, loss, inspiration, love, and the many beliefs we embrace throughout life. Seems memories often become a tapestry of our many bits of pleasure and scraps of pain.

My graphite pencil drawings are in black and white because I’ve come to believe that most truths are found in the many shades of gray. I draw what I love about this world and what is possible for us in relation to one another. I’m passionate about depicting the beautiful everyday moments and also our inevitable bouts with madness and pain. As a child, pencil and paper were my sanctuaries because I was a nontraditional learner from an extreme disadvantage home. Dyslexia and dysgraphia made school seemingly insurmountable but also revealed my talents. Early on I learned to draw the stories I could not spell or write.

We’re all driven by feelings and needs that make us more alike than different. Each of us is born with a unique sampling of colorful emotions. I see our feelings as a gift that can lead us to our strengths. That’s why I like to draw moments of deeply felt emotion; they empower and define us.

I’m profoundly moved when someone views my work and bursts into laughter or tears. It’s rewarding to know I’ve communicated to someone. When a pencil drawing inspires strangers to connect; I think...WOW… This is why I draw.



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