Painting and artistry is a major testament of mankind, it is the reflection of aptitude to illustrate their thoughts onto any canvas with any tool. Vanness Johnson utilizes his unorthodox indoctrination into art, as a self-taught singer and pianist at the age of 10. Learning to express his innermost feelings and spirit through any medium came within time.


Being born in a tight-knit community, family, and friends in his southern home of Madison, Florida; Van, as he was dubbed, gained a deep knowledge of self, due to many important lessons from his Great Grandfather, who mentored a young Van Johnson. The wisdom from beyond his years allowed Van to tap into his latent spirituality, demonstrated through each brush stroke upon the canvas. Poised and placed to trace a mental image of the world to see and learn, as he did when he was a boy. It wasn’t until the loss of the late Palin Perez Jackson that Van J was truly catalyzed from his inactive artistic career, into one which has taken off.


Through spirituality, Van Johnson discovered that souls could be saved through art. “Forlostsoulz” is the theme behind many artistic works in his collection, demonstrating that art can mend the mind, body, and soul by painting masterpieces with more than superficial depth. The experience’s Van has had in life allows him to get attuned with his spirit, bringing a new dimension to his mind; therefore the paintings themselves have to evolve. Vanness Johnson’s art transforms and undergoes a metamorphosis every occasion, because every time he channels some new thought, feeling or perception through his brush onto the canvas. With a smile he cries, “Let there be art!” every time.



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